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Who We Are:

Paraskakis Group is a family owned company with our basic target to promote the pure Cretan Hospitatlity and cuisine, as also to show to our customers the real Cretan ethics that we have been grown up with. 

Our Targets:

  1. Guest Experience

Our basic target is to make our customers enjoy their holidays and to make them feel part of the Paraskakis Family. We always try to surprise them with something new every year so they would never get bored with us. As Hospitality is our way of life all these years.

  2. Quality

Quality is one of our primal targets. The right choise of the fresh and local ingredients as also, the high maintance of our fleet and  in combination with our carefully selected personel gives the best possible quality and experience to our customers. 

  3. Plan for the future

Every new step we make we plan it carefully, in order the right expansion of our group, always with care on the environment and the local society. 

Our History:

      Founders of Paraskakis Group are Nikos Paraskakis and Georgia Paraskaki.

The begining was on the 1970s, with the start of Gee Pa's Rent A Car, the Rooms For Rent, and the Fina Petrol Station, all of them in Maleme. Gee Pa's was one of the first car hire companies of the west Crete, as also and the rooms for rent, where the first in Maleme area. 

Nikos at the same time, he was a constructor, as he had the only bulldozer in the area, farmer and truck driver. 

      In the 1980s. they expand the group with Sunny Suites Apartments and then in the 1996, they begun to construct a part of Imperial Hotel, by the beach of Maleme, which was operated in April of 1999.

From that year and almost every year, the group is expanding Imperial which has transormed it in a unique holiday resort perfect for families and couples. In 2015 Sunny Suites was fully renovated, being again the perfect holiday place for families with a modern look. 


In memory of Our Founder 

Nikos Paraskakis

1930 -2017

      Nikos was fearless, strategic, he had a leading character and always wanted create something new, and in combination with Georgia's, elegance, financial control abilities and unique loveble character, they created Paraskakis Group and a great reputation to the local society. 

      Nikos and Georgia were married in the 60s and they had 3 Sons, Manos, Andreas and Mike, which all of them from very young age, they started to work in the group, and in the same time they Studied Business and Hotel Management.  

      All the family is working together, and that makes us unbeatable. 

Our Social Responsibility:

As a local brand and a family owned company we respect and cherish the local community by everyday actions. We try to help as much as possible people in need. Some of our actions are:

  • Provide in the social Grocery big amount of groceries

  • Provide equipments, or basic need stuff for the local task forces 

  • Allow the use of our facilities by the local youth

  • Buying products, by small and local producers

  • We choose only local firms and brands for the supply of our hotels

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